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 Our District Governor

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PostSubject: Our District Governor   Our District Governor I_icon_minitimeFri May 06, 2011 7:07 am

Our District Governor Message

As 2011 beckons us, it is appropriate to reflect what we have achieved for the first half of our Lionistic journey.

My journey has been most satisfying and yet humbling.

Satisfying because you know as Governor, it is not the glamour or the recognition that matters. It is fulfilling the responsibility that the Lions have entrusted upon you to administer the District and to project Lionism in its most favourable perspective.

Humbling because you know that you cannot fulfil your goals alone and you need the understanding and co-operation of all Lions.

This is a period of festivities as we celebrate Christmas and the ushering in of the New Year. Moreover, the Lunar New Year celebration is just round the corner. Thus it is a season to be jolly as the song goes and to show peace and goodwill.

Sometimes we may not see eye to eye, but at heart we are unified in wanting to serve Spirited in Service.

At the Methodist Heritage Day celebrations in October 2010, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong who was the Guest of Honour, said:

“Live and let live is our guiding principle and that’s how we have lived in peace and harmony for so many years.” (as reported in the Methodist Message December 2010 issue).

Although this was said in the context of social cohesion and religious harmony, the same principle can be imported into Lionsim. It is ideal to remember this Live and Let Live mantra.

Focussing on service is a sure way that we can put all other things behind us. Lions – I exhort that we continue to put our heart and soul in service. The Lions in the District should shine in service and in action.
I wish all Lions a blessed and bountiful 2011.

Our District Governor Photo_dg

Steven Seah, PBM
District Governor 2010-2011
Lions Clubs International
District 308-A1

District Governor Lion Steven Seah has served the Lions' movement for 20 years and had held numerous leadership positions over these years. Apart from dedicating his time to Lionism, Lion Steven Seah is also actively involved in the Criminal Law Advisory Committee (Review), SAFRA and Pistorio Foundation. He was conferred the Pingkat Bakti Masyarakat (PBM) Public Service Medal by His Excellency, The President of the Republic of Singapore in 2002.

Our District Governor Dg_logo

The 2010-2011 District Governor's theme, Spirited in Service, aims to inspire all Lions to move forward and meet the challenges ahead.
The spirit as embodied in the Lions' purpose must prevail and change Lions' mindset in doing things.

Lions may have different views in how to get things done, but these would become subservient to the greater role of providing immaculate service in the name of humanity and community service.

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Our District Governor
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